Rotaract District 7030

One of 529 Districts around the world, Rotaract District 7030 stretches from St. Kitts & Nevis in the north, down the chain to Trinidad & Tobago and includes the South American nations of Guyana and Suriname and French Guiana. District 7030 was established in 1986 and now boasts of 42 active Rotaract clubs with over 700 Rotaractors, and continues to grow. Spread across 14 countries, the District is a melting pot of diversity, encompassing many different cultures, customs, origins, languages and religions.

The majority of the countries in the District are English speaking former British colonies with citizens of predominantly African descent. Many of these islands however were at some point occupied by the French, and as such have a Créole heritage, often speaking a French Patois as a second language. Martinique as part of the French West Indies (FWI) has a cultural blend of French and West Indian influences, speaking French as their primary language, while English speaking Trinidad and Tobago, and Guyana have a mix of African and East Indian descent.

Perhaps the most diverse of all is Dutch speaking Suriname consisting of people of East Indian, African, European, Indonesian (Javanese), Amerindian, and Chinese heritage.



Our District Rotaract Representative

Our District Rotaract Representative is Kezra Lashley, hailing from the club of Piarco UWI, Trinidad. As DRR, Kezra is recognized by Rotary International Headquarters to represent Rotaract within district 7030. As DRR, Kezra has a wide variety of responsibilities aimed at improving and strengthening the Rotaract scheme in District 7030. With the guidance of the Rotary District Governor, he will work to improve communication and cooperation among the 47 clubs in the district.

Kezra has chosen the theme, “Make a Difference, Leave your Mark” to guide his tenure as DRR. The theme encourages all members not only to make a difference in our respective Rotaract clubs and society but also to consider what would be our lasting contribution to the Rotary family and the world.

He sees the Rotaract in this region as platform to facilitate social and professional development. As customary, the District DRR will visit each club within the district, during his tenure. The aim of these visits is to familiarize all members to the DRR and also foster a stronger bond among clubs.

During each visit, the visited club will engage in a community service or professional development project.

D7030 - 2017-2018 - DRR Kezra LASHLEY
DRR 2017-2018
Rotaract District 7030



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